The Lowdown 

Born and raised in Switzerland, my first love was snowboarding. I later on discovered windsurfing, and since haven't stopped working hard to be windsurfing as much as possible. What I love most beside windsurfing is surfing, snowboarding, skateboarding, traveling along the coast chasing wind and waves, bbq's, books, and teaching and sharing my passion for the sport.
I now reside in Western Australia and life at the sea couldn't be better - I even made it on the team with all my local heros!

Freestyle and wave sailing are the two disciplines I love most and have been competing in over the last few years.

WA has some of the best wave sailing worldwide and when the swell doesn't deliver then I'm still on my freestyle board pushing myself and trying to learn new moves (don't listen to the rumors, you're never too old for it!)


Freestyle PWA Vice-World Champion 2012 and 2011
4th overall PWA Wave 2012
3rd PWA Wave Sylt 2012