The Lowdown 

I started windsurfing at the age of 12 and was hooked on windsurfing instantly. Now, 20 years later, i'm even more addicted. Speedsurfing is my main focus right now. I try to be the fastest windsurfer in the world. Severne shares my passion for speed and has made special customized sails that help to achieve my goals. In november 2012 I will try to break the world record in Namibia during the Luderitz Speedchallenge 2012. Besides my passion for speed, slalom is getting more and more interesting. In 2013 I might do some slalom events also.

My favorite spot is without any doubt the Waddensea. This sea is in the north of Holland and is special because of the fact the it's alomst completely empty with low tide. Only a few canals remain. The huge areas of sand, lots of seals and an amazing scenery, very stable winds and flat water makes the place magical. It's also the fastest sea in the world!

I've got two favorite sails. The 7.0 Reflex and the 5.6 Reflex are my favorites. The 7.0 in 15-25 knots on the Starboard W54. This sails has a huge windrange and is the fastest sail in thes size on the market. It delivers loads of power in just 15 knots and stays controlable in 25 knots or even more. I did 46.5 knots (86 kmph) already with this sails. This sail works with a 4.60 or 4.30 enigma. For the heavy riders in low wind conditions a 4.60m works best. In all other conditions a 4.30 is the best choice. This Reflex 5.6 sails is for one reason only my other favorite sail; it's the fastest sail in the world. Use a 4.00 enigma mast, trim it like advised and be the fastest!


* 1st in worldranking GPS-speedsurfing
* Highest peak (2 second) speed in the world (50.51 knots, 93.55 kmph)