Reflex System

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The Reflex System isolates higher batten tension forward in the sail and lower tension at the leech. This allows the leech to flex and twist whilst the front of the sail remains stable with the draft locked in position resulting in maximum speed over a previously unobtainable wind range.

The Reflex Batten Tensioner allows the tension to be applied from a point along the batten’s length rather than just at the end of the batten. This allows the body of the sail to be tensioned independently from the leech area. By isolating the batten tension in from the perimeter of the sail it allows the leech to automatically twist and flex under load. The centre of effort remains stable and locked forward in position instead of the batten becoming more round under load and the draft moving back.


In low wind the deepest draft is positioned forward. An increase in wind strength will cause the draft to move backwards. This increases backhand pressure, back foot pressure and results in a lack of control and lost speed.


Inhibits the draft moving backwards in the sail by allowing the leech to twist and flex behind the Reflex Tensioners. The rider is able to accelerate through the gust without a loss of control.