Matteo & Gonzalo leading after Asian PWA events

Posted by Dieter on Thu, 05/24/2018 - 18:58

With the 2 first PWA racing of the season finished in Asia our Slalom team can look back at a great start of the season!  

Matteo Iachino takes the lead in Slalom


Matteo Iachino has a near perfect start to the season after his victory in South-Korea and a second place in Japan. He now takes the lead on the overall rankings with equal points as Antoine Albeau. With 4 races completed in South Korea, the points from this event are count higher than the points of Japan, giving him the advantage in the ranking for the moment. This point difference could be crucial at the end of the year in the title race. With still 4 events ahead nothing is decided yet but with a top 3 result in every single elimination so far. Matteo is looking extremely fast and consistent in the chase for his second world title this season. He seems completely dialed in on his brand new Mach1 sails and seems to be fast in all kind of conditions from the light winds in Japan to the extreme conditions in South Korea with winds up to 40 knots!

Matteo’s comment on the start of the season:
“ I’m super happy to be back on top. My gear is working great and I feel confident for the rest of the season. The Asian events have been great, especially Korea. We never had such great conditions here to sail in such strong winds and wavy conditions. I’m looking forward to the rest of the year! 

Gonzalo dominates the foiling discipline

In the foiling Gonzalo Costa Hoevel takes a clear lead (400 points) on the overall ranking. With 2 very different event-conditions in Japan and Korea he has shown consistency. Winning the event in Japan and coming back from a 14th  place in Korea to just miss out on another victory by one point he knows how to fight back. With foil racing in both light winds (Japan) and stronger winds in Korea Gonzalo has shown his diversity on the Foil making it clear he is the favorite to win in this young and new discipline!

Gonzalo’s comment on leading the foil rankings:

“Leading the foil world ranking after scoring a 1st  in Japan and 2nd  in Korea is a great feeling. We made 8 races in total that went from light/ middle wind in Japan to really strong wind on the last ones in Korea. My Hyperglydes were working perfect and were letting me focus on the intense and radical new foil racing-format where every detail counts!!”

Tristan Algret made his best start to the season with a brilliant 4th place in Japan but struggled to find his rhythm in Korea with a 15th place putting him currently on a 7th in the overall rankings. With his goal set for the top 10 this year he will be more than motivated to come back strong in Costa Brava where he finished 7th last year.


Amado Vrieswijk enjoyed a good start in the slalom and Foil season winning his first elimination ever in Korea to finish just next to the podium in the PWA racing scene by 0.7 points. Throughout the whole Asian leg our 2times Vice Freestyle world champion has shown great speeds and excellent racing to finish with a current 5th place on the Foil rankings as the highlight. In slalom he has shown he can be among the top 10 and shows he is probably the most complete sailor in all disciplines. With his eyes set on wavescompetition as well it might be time to bring back the overall world title!

     Current PWA worldtour ranking Severne riders:   


     1st place Matteo Iachino. 
      7th place Tirstan Algret
     14th place Gonzalo Costa Hoevel
      15th place Amado Vrieswijk
      18th place Cyril Moussilmani


      1st place Gonzalo Costa Hoevel
      5th place Amado Vrieswijk
      10th place Matteo Iachino