Lina Erpenstein wins IWT at legendary Pacasmayo!

Posted by Dieter on Thu, 09/13/2018 - 18:17

Lina Erpenstein wins her first big international event, check out the event report below!

Report from the IWT about the woman’s final:

The wind came back in fairly quickly and this time looked settled for the rest of the afternoon so the Women’s final was back on with Sarah, Jessica, Lina and Maria. Wave scores were moderate for all riders until they got onto their 3rd waves with the best sets coming through mid heat. This is when Jessica and Lina burst out from the group. Jessica had a flowing and powerful 7.5 ride and Lina scored big with a super impressive 8.7 coming from some very critical and powerful hits on the biggest wave of the heat. These were the game changing rides. Sarah and Maria were unable to find matching wave scores. As the riders returned to the beach the crowd was cheering them all for the very high standard of power riding on display. This was a very tough final and it had been very hard to reach it with such a strong field of women this year. Lina was the victor with the most powerful and critical riding of the group (15.0 average heat score). Jessica’s world champion power and grit were still on show against her younger rivals taking her to second place (12.1 average heat score). Sarah’s super stylish bottom turn top turns were not at her critical section best this heat and she was 3rd (6.9 average heat score). Maria close behind in 4th also struggling to repeat her best performances in earlier heats (6.3 average heat score). This was the highest ever overall wave riding standard for women at any IWT event outside the Aloha Classic. A very promising sign.

Lina Erpenstein about her trip and victory in Peru.

“ I have been dreaming about going to Peru, Pacasmayo for a few years now and this year it finally came true.
After the canaries I started the long journey towards the longest sailable wave in the world, Pacasmayo! I fell in love with the place from the first moment. In one session you can get as many turns as in hours and hours sailing elsewhere. It was so good to sail proper down the line conditions again because we hardly get this at home or most places in Europe.

Towards the end of my trip the IWT started their event here and I decided to take part. I was super motivated by seeing a really good level on the water and sailing together with so many nice people.
As the wind was really light the 18 minutes heats tended to be really short, only allowing me to catch exactly two waves to count. I managed to sail 4 good waves and make it to the final against Sarah Hauser, Jessica Crisp and local María Belen. A high level packed final with all to play for.

During the final we scored some amazing conditions, logo high waves and a bit more wind than in the previous rounds. This allowed us to move around quicker and catch more waves. With every wave I caught I pushed myself to take more and more risk in my turns, to give the judges exactly where they where looking for. By the end of the heat I was extremely happy with my performance and just enjoyed every second of the final.

Because we didn’t get the results untill the evening I was more than happy to get announced as winner from the final! It is my first event win ever and a reward for all the hours I spend on the water to reach this level. It only motivates me to go sail even more and get better every session. I want to thank the IWT family for their warm and friendly welcome into this event and hope to see you all in the near future! Thank you and all organization to put on this amazing event, it was a pleasure to take part!

This event has learned me a lot about having the right mind set for competition and to perform when it counts the most, something that will defiantly help in future competitions.

Now it’s time to enjoy my time back at home and prepare myself for the last PWA event of the year in Sylt.

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